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Senin, 21 Desember 2015


By following the PPC program, we will make money easily, the way that you should have a website or blog that meets the requirements or policies or TOS of the management company's website ppc (can see the list below), then register there and then if you are accepted then post ad script provided by the PPC program provider site on your website and your money will continue to flow each time the ad is clicked by your website visitors. One of the most popular PPC program is Google AdSense. Well here are a collection of List Best PPC program provider site in the world version Zonanesia blog.

List of Best Foreign PPC in the World - Every blogger or webmaster in the world would want a website or blog that they produce something (money) for the hard work that has been done. And one way to make money through blogs that the program PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising, in fact there are many methods to make money online as I discussed in the previous article Types of Online Business. PPC is one of the best and effective way to earn revenue from your website. This can be proven from a wide variety of websites large and small at home and abroad ppc advertising as the primary income from their website, as well as using other methods to supplement their income.


No doubt if Adsense is the best ppc service providers today, which is also a subsidiary of Google. The reason behind the success and popularity of Adsense is of high value or price of any legitimate clicks which can be up to $ 20 dollars per click. Minimum Payout $ 100 via Western Union (WU), Cheque or Bank Transfer.


Net Media is a contextual advertising network by a combination of the two search engines Yahoo and Bing. Media.Net. It is one of the best alternatives Adsense.Harga also high CPC and CPC Bid good.This is also based on the CPM and CPA advertising eRPM basis. Media.net become the most popular for advertisers and publishers in a few years and make it the best place in advertising. Unfortunately if you do not get approval Adsense then I suggest you to apply Media.Net. The minimum payout is $ 250 through PayPal or Wire Transfer.


Bidvertiser is also the best option if you can not get approval from Adsense or media.net.Bidvertiser well-known and oldest advertiser platform and perform even better in some types of blogs. CPC rates is best as compared to other small networks simply because they offer POP Up, Banner and various other text ads. CPC varies from approximately 0.02 to $ 5 and you get a basic income total gain points. A minimum payout of $ 10 via PayPal or check.


Infolinks is a CPC-based advertising networks in the text. If you have a text-based rich site or blog then Infolinks is the best choice to get revenue from PPC's business. The best part of Infolinks is that they do not need and space for spanduk.Infolinks show targeted ads for each keyword relevant your content. You can also use the keyword tag cloud of Infolinks Infolinks on your site or can be used as search advertising. Infolinks not include spaces so that's why you can use other advertising banner from Adsense or other alternatives to get more revenue for the site's content. Minimum Pay out $ 50 through PayPal or wire transfer. 


Chitika also popular platform on the basis of the CPC's target ads, local ads and Mobile Ads. Chitika ads are only receive direct organic traffic by Search engine.Jadi, you will only earn revenue from the click, if you have a good flow of visitors from search engines. Chitika offer high CPC rates compared to others but a little low compared to other people instead Adsense.Tapi Adsense alternatives that baik.Chitika have Referring program you can also refer others to use Chitika ad then you will get 10% of See Publisher for 10 months. Minimum payments through PayPal $ 10 and $ 50 via check.


Sabtu, 19 Desember 2015


Independent E-Cash is a server-based electronic money utilizing mobile technology in any application, and USSD, or so-called cash at the phone, where that allow the holder to carry out banking transactions without having to open the accounts to the bank branch. E-Cash independently done by the candidate registration via mobile phone holder, where the phone number into an independent account number of e-cash, with a provision each phone number can only be used for a standalone e-cash account. Standalone e-cash consists of registration and upgrade services, cash transactions such as depositing and / or the addition of balance (rechargeable) as well as cash withdrawals, demand balance inquiry and transfer transactions, bill payments and merchant, remittances and other transactions are provided by the Bank.

Payment transactions can be done at merchants who have cooperated the Bank following the procedure and conditions set Bank. Transaction Holder stored electronically on a server Bank. Holder can view balances and transaction history standalone e-cash via mobile phones. However, in the event of any discrepancy between balance data and / or mutations indicated on the phone, then the used as a guide and have the binding force is Data on the Bank.

Holders who have completed registration via mobile phone can upgrade the service to be holders of independent e-cash Registered e-Banking as well as direct sales Bank to fill out and sign the application form and show the original proof of identity valid and legitimate (ID card, passport, driver's license / other). Holders who have upgraded service can obtain all banking services and transactions described in the self-service e-cash. Holders can access a standalone e-cash via USSD or applications that have been developed by the Bank to the mobile phone simcard number that is already registered. Special independent access e-cash via USSD, the holder must have a sim card mobile phone operator which is determined by the Bank can obtain self-service e-cash.


1). Enter in your phone with *141*6#
2). Select the E-Cash, the sequence number 7 (seven)
3). Select the Admin
4). And Select List
5). Fill in your full name, Enter the Secret Word Form Letters And Numbers, Easy you
6). Enter the new PIN
7). Enter PIN Once Again
8). Registration Finished


Via ATM Mandiri:
1). Insert the card and the PIN number
2). Select Electronic Money
3). Select the Fill / Top Up
4). Enter your mobile phone number that has been registered previously
5). Enter the desired amount of charging
6). The confirmation screen appears phone number and name are registered beforehand
7). Press Right
8). Enter your ATM PIN
9). The transaction is completed

Mandiri via SMS:
1. Select menu Transfer
2. Select E-cash

Through transfers from other bank ATM:
1). Select Menu Electronic Money
2). Select Menu E-Cash
3). Enter the code Mandiri 008 + 80 + phone number that has been registered '
     Like this: 00880085246575074

Thus this article I took from PT. Bank Mandiri Persero Tbk Share who have not registered please try, cash in the mobile phone always stay safe using a PIN and Secret Code.

Jumat, 06 November 2015


Disasters that befall human beings, because human immoral behavior, therefore, to preserve the village in order not to drop reinforcements, by maintaining the behavior of the villagers not to commit sin. One of immoral behavior is adultery, if at a house suspected of adultery villagers hard there will be angry and raided the house.

Bala could include infectious diseases such as dysentery, when the season dysentery mawabah in society in the past, because the hygiene factor, or when drought and fire hazards are rampant, then some people banjo procession starting reinforcements by reading the prayer that spared of all the kinds of reinforcements.

At its core is a series of causal reinforcements of human behavior, in the rainy season floods reinforcements, in the dry season drought plagues rural areas. Because forests that serves as a barrier absorption of water during the rainy season, and serves as a water reservoir during the dry season are removed. Besides rivers into waste disposal container so that it becomes shallow, and when the rainy season the river floods to the mainland.

Now in the last few months of 2015 this ecological bala smoke engulfing the population in Riau, Jambi, South Sumatra, South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan. Lately reported that residents are forced to buy pekanbaru Riau oxygen in the tube, in order to breathe. Bala smoke makes tens of thousands of people in the province above 6 ill. They suffer from upper respiratory tract infections severe respiratory infection.

Bala ecological problems that have for years come upon us, especially felt by the common people, shows that poor attention and seriousness to stop the ecological reinforcements from the government. Weak enforcement of laws related to the environment, does the government now seems serious enough to handle the ecological bala.

In the mass media, states that the government does not play in addressing land and forest fires and will take firm action against the perpetrators. Yes, we have been teased by cyberspace by facebook Malaysia firmly, thanks Indonesia. Is this ecological bala will appear again in the dry season next year, if we become like the donkey who repeatedly tercerobok in the same hole, which is obviously ecological bala is the result of the fruit of our hands.


Opinion article can be sent to the email; redaksi@banjarmasinpost.co.id (maximum 1,000 characters without spaces). Include your name, complete address, phone number, account number, photocopy of ID card, and a photo of yourself. Opinion published will be rewarded to the account number of the author. The article comes in, the time limit loading, a maximum of 2 weeks. Thank you..!!

Minggu, 01 November 2015



Islam has become a tradition, every Idul Adha, coupled with the implementation of sacrificial worship. Sacrifice is intended as a specific ritual animal slaughter that began when incoming Duha 10 Dhuzlhijjah time and end time of sunset on the day tasyriq. And the sacrificial meat distributed to those who can not afford as a sign of approach to Allah SWT.

As a tradition, the sacrifice is not going to stop all the owners of the traditions that still exist on this earth. However, our concerns over the 2 things. First, the cessation of sacrifice in the routine tradition without meaning. Second, the cessation of passion and motivation Muslims to maintain the tradition of sacrifice, when they are no longer able to respond to what must sacrifice. This paper is a simple reflection that we are able to maintain the tradition of sacrifice that is deeply rooted in the history of monotheistic religions, as well as to develop character values through the sacrificial tradition, especially the education of empathy for others.

In the various books of jurisprudence mentioned that animal sacrifices have to be animals, such as camels, cattle, or goats and the like that have members complete body, not a severe disability and to age. Animal species of camel must have turned 5 years old, 2-year-old cow, and a 1-year-old goat, sheep species except goats minimum permissible age of 6 months. The animals are slaughtered itself if an expert, or if it represented the sacrifice of people who witnessed the slaughtering process.

Qurban legal origin is mandatory for the Prophet Muhammad, and sunnah for Muslims, (HR. Al-Turmudzi). However, as part of the worship of circumcision, he was ranked high enough, expressed in terms mu'akkad. That is, the circumcision which worship is emphasized to implement. In fact, for those who menazarkan, the law had become mandatory.

Our concern should not stop the legal status of a worship, but how to worship it to be something that really brings good in the world and the hereafter, as the real goals of any religious people who believe in life after death. No exception to the sacrifice, he should be able to become a spiritual worship and social impact.

As part of social worship that is not too bound by strict formal legal provisions, of course, the sacrifice must be addressed in an open, dynamic, and practical. With an open attitude means we are required to not close themselves to the times, so that the sacrifice of innovation at management level continuously adjustable. Dynamic attitude should we show with not too wrestle with differences of opinion among scholars in setting the terms and conditions necessary for the sacrificial services.

During the selection of an opinion which of course must be strong jurisprudence is considered more relevant to the situation, condition, and domicile, then actually we can accept and implement it by mutual agreement. As a practical attitude clearly requires us to further brainstorm on the practical level where sacrifices were to be accomplished in accordance with its social objectives, namely a variety of neighbor.

Based on that attitude, we are optimistic that the tradition of sacrifice is a strategic means of education to cultivate a character of empathy in society. This is important, especially related efforts to develop a more integral character education and widespread in our society. Therefore, the educational value of empathy that can be found and actually had to be developed in the tradition of sacrifice, inter alia in the following paragraphs.


Opinion article can be sent to the email; redaksi@banjarmasinpost.co.id (maximum 1,000 characters without spaces). Include your name, complete address, phone number, account number, photocopy of ID card, and a photo of yourself. Opinion published will be rewarded to the account number of the author. The article comes in, the time limit loading, a maximum of 2 weeks. Thank you..!!       

Rabu, 28 Oktober 2015


In the face of an open life in the 21st century with global problems, we need leaders who suit, called the professional leader, a leader who not only mastered the ability and skills to lead but also demanded of him two things, which are as follows; (a) The leader who can teach the values of Islam in the Islamic educational system, and (b) Leaders who own and control the values of science and technology on demand era.

One element of the other educational leadership is democratic leadership style. This style has been ingrained in the lives of Islamic education, and therefore need to be preserved and adapted to people's intelligence level. Democratic leadership in the past is certainly different from the democratic leadership in the community that has developed.

The higher the education level of the people, the higher the participation in the common life. Therefore, the leadership of Islamic education in today's era should be someone who has a broad view so as to accommodate various minds and public opinion increasingly mature, thus the future leaders of educational institutions must be visionary leaders.

Visionary leaders are leaders who have and always oriented to the future, what would be realized in the future of the reality at hand. Visionary leaders are important in determining the life and death of educational institutions. This can be understood on the grounds that (a) the environmental changes that tend to be difficult to predict, the difficulty of making predictions led to the organization's strategic plans often do not fit anymore with the changed environment; and (b) the organization's strategic plan was eventually replaced by a vision of an organization that is more flexible in the face of environmental change.

To deal with the changes that are difficult to predict and efforts to construct a new vision that is more flexible, it needs visionary future leaders, encourage every member of the organization to identify the problem and then solve it. Maximizing energy in a way, out of the situation status, and not too be compromised produce quality decisions to achieve the target maximum results, with techniques and methods that are entirely new.

Process data and information quickly, present information that is correct and easy to digest, proficient in communication, invites members of the organization to think and act according to the agenda of their activities, processing, training and use intuition to make decisions. Visionary leaders, need to do five roles as follows; first, the role of formulating a vision (The Vision Role); second, the role of a relationship (The Relationship Roles); Third, the role, controlling (The Control Role); Fourth, the role of doing impulse (The Encourage Role); Fifth, the role as a conduit of information (The Information Role).

Of the great responsibility of the educational process in an environment that leads, it is known that the higher the leadership occupied by someone in the organization of educational, values and strategic weight of its decision even greater. Conversely the lower the position of a person in an educational organization, his decision was more directed to the operation. Regardless of the decision taken, whether the category of strategic, tactical, technical, or operational, all of them belonging to the determination of the direction of travel to be headmaster is a top leader in an educational institution.

Policy decisions is the success of the strategy in the madrassa. Headmaster should people who have the intelligence, creativity, and vision of the future goals in order to stare reality of an increasingly global society. Principal is an agent reformer, very important in learning innovation. Learning is assessing the effectiveness of the program, exploration, development, and school development program.

Principals are teachers who received additional duties as principal, though as a teacher who got an extra assignment, the principal is the person most responsible for the application of the principles of innovative educational administration at the school. In these discussions, the authors review the principal, as personnel manager of the education unit, as this term is synonymous with the power of a person in control of a place.

Where is the wisdom of authority and responsibility in the hands of principals, school or other countries have no right to interfere in the affairs of a school that is rightfully his school autonomy. Experts education and education administration tends to agree, that the great progress in the field of education is only possible if the educational administration itself managed innovative.


Opinion article can be sent to the email; redaksi@banjarmasinpost.co.id (maximum 1,000 characters without spaces). Include your name, complete address, phone number, account number, photocopy of ID card, and a photo of yourself. Opinion published will be rewarded to the account number of the author. The article comes in, the time limit loading, a maximum of 2 weeks. Thank you..!!