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In the face of an open life in the 21st century with global problems, we need leaders who suit, called the professional leader, a leader who not only mastered the ability and skills to lead but also demanded of him two things, which are as follows; (a) The leader who can teach the values of Islam in the Islamic educational system, and (b) Leaders who own and control the values of science and technology on demand era.

One element of the other educational leadership is democratic leadership style. This style has been ingrained in the lives of Islamic education, and therefore need to be preserved and adapted to people's intelligence level. Democratic leadership in the past is certainly different from the democratic leadership in the community that has developed.

The higher the education level of the people, the higher the participation in the common life. Therefore, the leadership of Islamic education in today's era should be someone who has a broad view so as to accommodate various minds and public opinion increasingly mature, thus the future leaders of educational institutions must be visionary leaders.

Visionary leaders are leaders who have and always oriented to the future, what would be realized in the future of the reality at hand. Visionary leaders are important in determining the life and death of educational institutions. This can be understood on the grounds that (a) the environmental changes that tend to be difficult to predict, the difficulty of making predictions led to the organization's strategic plans often do not fit anymore with the changed environment; and (b) the organization's strategic plan was eventually replaced by a vision of an organization that is more flexible in the face of environmental change.

To deal with the changes that are difficult to predict and efforts to construct a new vision that is more flexible, it needs visionary future leaders, encourage every member of the organization to identify the problem and then solve it. Maximizing energy in a way, out of the situation status, and not too be compromised produce quality decisions to achieve the target maximum results, with techniques and methods that are entirely new.

Process data and information quickly, present information that is correct and easy to digest, proficient in communication, invites members of the organization to think and act according to the agenda of their activities, processing, training and use intuition to make decisions. Visionary leaders, need to do five roles as follows; first, the role of formulating a vision (The Vision Role); second, the role of a relationship (The Relationship Roles); Third, the role, controlling (The Control Role); Fourth, the role of doing impulse (The Encourage Role); Fifth, the role as a conduit of information (The Information Role).

Of the great responsibility of the educational process in an environment that leads, it is known that the higher the leadership occupied by someone in the organization of educational, values and strategic weight of its decision even greater. Conversely the lower the position of a person in an educational organization, his decision was more directed to the operation. Regardless of the decision taken, whether the category of strategic, tactical, technical, or operational, all of them belonging to the determination of the direction of travel to be headmaster is a top leader in an educational institution.

Policy decisions is the success of the strategy in the madrassa. Headmaster should people who have the intelligence, creativity, and vision of the future goals in order to stare reality of an increasingly global society. Principal is an agent reformer, very important in learning innovation. Learning is assessing the effectiveness of the program, exploration, development, and school development program.

Principals are teachers who received additional duties as principal, though as a teacher who got an extra assignment, the principal is the person most responsible for the application of the principles of innovative educational administration at the school. In these discussions, the authors review the principal, as personnel manager of the education unit, as this term is synonymous with the power of a person in control of a place.

Where is the wisdom of authority and responsibility in the hands of principals, school or other countries have no right to interfere in the affairs of a school that is rightfully his school autonomy. Experts education and education administration tends to agree, that the great progress in the field of education is only possible if the educational administration itself managed innovative.


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